iOS Developer - Bangalore

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Technology | Full-time | COVID-19 remote


Job Description:
The iOS Mobile Developer maintains, manages, and continually develops a suite of applications built for our top clients. Coordinate and participate in the implementation, testing, and support of iOS-based applications using both Swift and Objective-C, Cocoa touch, Xcode and the iOS SDK. Design and implement new features, create UI, debugging, and data modeling. Provide timely turnaround and documentation of bug fixes during the test cycle.

Provide iOS development services for BM and its clients. As an engineer on the iOS app team, your responsibilities will range from high-level user interfaces, to writing networking code to communicate with web service APIs to developing framework code used by other teams at Bytemark and third party developers. You'll be responsible for maintaining and improving existing apps and implementing new and innovative features for future apps. You will also be responsible for debugging and delivering the best possible application performance including smooth scrolling and delivery of on time,
speedy launch times.
  • B.Tech/BE, M.S. Computer Science or related field
  • 3+ years building complex applications for iOS using Cocoa Touch and Xcode
  • Proficient with both Swift and Objective C
  • Offline data management using SQLite and CoreData
  • Strong CS fundamentals (with competencies in algorithms and data structures)
  • Must have an understanding of blocks, Grand Central Dispatch, and when to use each
  • Worked on reactive programming like RxSwift, ReactiveCocoa or Combine framework.
  • Must know how to use Instruments (Leaks, Object Allocations, etc)
  • Must know good memory management techniques (what goes in dealloc, viewDidUnload)
  • Strong debugging skills - should be able to identify errors and solve them independently
  • Expert knowledge of iOS SDK performance tools and optimization techniques
  • Git experience is preferred
  • Shipped multiple iOS titles and can provide samples of deep, highly functional apps.... no one-trick ponies
  • Must have worked on an app in the App Store
  • Demonstrated problem solving and communication skills with great experience extracting requirements from customers and translating them into features
  • Stay updated with the latest industry trends in mobile technologies.